Stola Phalcon

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This small company called Scola plans to start selling cars soon.
The Phalcon prototype uses a 2 turbo V12 Mercedes engine with 750hp.

As you can see, even if the design isn’t much better than the latest weirdess from China, it might still be enough to impress the ladies.

At least the ones paid to stand next to it at the Auto Show….

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  1. not only the that but its a blatant copy of the Maybach Exelero, why would they think anyone would pay high dollar for a copy and a bad one at that…..

  2. I hear Stola built the Exelero prototype for Maybach.
    So maybe they had something to do with the design as well…

  3. It’s not like its a knock off if they’re even using the same engine for it than the maybach….

  4. One of the worst designs in years.

    An expensive V-12 that looks this bad? You can just escape the laughter faster.

  5. If there ever were to be an Aztek coupe, this would be it. The design is uninspired and tasteless. I would be ashamed to show it to the public if I were Stola. Do these guys really find this exciting?

  6. Dag K said…

    This car isn’t just ANY car.
    It is a full scale modell of an old record-car dsigned (but never built) by Carlo Mollini (Born 1905). He was a famous Engineer, Architect, Designer and more from Turin Italy. There were several of his designs present at Geneva.

    Great, but none of that makes this car pretty.

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