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Another weird one.
Even thought this is for Canada only, it doesn’t really make sense as a Pontiac.
It is just a Chevrolet Aveo with a Pontiac nose.
And they don’t call it the G1, or G2, but the Wave.

Before you think this will never make it over here, remember that the G5 (Cobalt coupe) was another “Canada Only” car for a while.

Let’s hope I’m wrong….

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  1. Actually a Daewoo, which died a couple of years ago and GM bought designs. Buy American they chant, unless of course it’s us ( GM)selling sub – standard Korean/chinese crap! Double standard GM is DEAD!

  2. The wave has been around for awhile. IF they bring this to the US, they should make it the 3 door, and keep the Aveo as the 5 door….to have SOME variety. They should also make a G5 convertible. Why would I want to pay $2,000+ for the same car with a different grill otherwise?

  3. Well, leave it at this – the “Wave” looks one hell of a lot better than our counterpart, the Aveo5.

  4. To Truth:

    If you actually do some research, you’d see that Daewoo isn’t dead. It’s still a car brand in South Korea. All other countries use the Chevrolet brand name since the Daewoo name held no loyalty. Chevrolet, one of Americas most famous brand in a global sense does, therefore Daewoos were renamed to increase sales…it’s working.. big time.

    GM bought the brand due to it’s expertise in making cheap, small cars and GM is making a serious effort to pump as much money into the manufacturer and make those cars not only affordable but attractive and competitive.

    Oh and buying Daewoo is the best decision GM has made in decades. GM’s global sales have seen huge increases thanks to the infusion of Daewoo products and all the future compacts and subcompacts for GM will be designed an engineered in co-op with the Daewoo engineers in order to stay competitive.

    GM’s far from dead.

  5. I just bought a 2008 Wave SE sedan and it is actually a surprisingly well-designed and comfortable car for the price. I never thought I’d buy a subcompact, especially a GM, but with gas prices pushing 1.40 a litre here in Canada, it makes a lot of sense. My other vehicle is a Torrent AWD (made in Canada) and I am tired of paying $75 to fill it up. The same vehicle platform for the Wave is in use across the world from Egypt to Russia to Asia and starting in ’09 these cars will be manufactured in Mexico rather than brought in from Korea so they will likely be coming to the U.S. eventually.

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