Pontiac G6 Convertible video

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I had the chance to drive the G6 convertible for a few days and liked it.
It’s not a perfect car, but a really pleasant drive.

It is pretty roomy, looks really good (If you don’t get the tacky Chrome package), has a super smooth ride and quiet engine.

But there were a couple of strange noises I was never able to get rid of (As I mentioned before)
And that is something that would have to be fixed.
The trunk is useless when the top is down. The storage area is under the top, with no access to it.

Over a week I averaged 18mpg in mostly city driving. Not really bad but not great.
And no better than the 430hp Corvette I was driving before.

The steering is nice and firm. It might be too firm for some people. Especially considering the super smooth ride.

I would definitely check out the G6 if you are in the market for a convertible around $30 000.
But I might also wait until the 6 speed auto/3.5 Liter V6 becomes available.

That should be sometime next year…

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