No new Chryslers for a month

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Chrysler just announced they will stop production of all new cars until January 19th.
That is really not good news…

Out of the “big 3” they seem to be in the worse shape. Both GM and Ford offer good and attractive cars right now, and even more are on the way.
Chrysler doesn’t have much now, and nobody seems to know what their plan for the future is.

Sure, they are testing some Lotus based electric car. But that’s not going to make much money, is it.
Where is their good looking mid sized car to compete with the Malibu and the Fusion? The current Sebring is not it.
How about a fuel efficient compact? Even the Cobalt and Focus do sell pretty well.
The Caliber doesn’t really compete.

Good luck….

Here is the official word:

“Auburn Hills, Mich., Dec 17, 2008 –

Due to the continued lack of consumer credit for the American car buyer and the resulting dramatic impact it has had on overall industry sales in the United States, Chrysler LLC announced that it will make significant adjustments to the production schedules of its manufacturing operations. In doing so, the Company will keep production and dealer inventory aligned with U.S. market demand. In response, the Company confirmed that all Chrysler manufacturing operations will be idled at the end of the shift Friday, Dec. 19, and impacted employees will not return to work any sooner than Monday, Jan. 19, 2009.”

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  1. Vehicular darwinism. Chrysler is going the way of the Dodo. The only brand that will probably survive is Jeep and I’m not sad about it at all.

  2. Chrysler has plenty up its sleeve. The plan is for THREE electric vehicles – a Jeep Patriot EV, a Dodge Caravan EV and that Lotus based car you mentioned. Also in the works are an all-new for 2010 Jeep Grand Cherokee. [Of which many parts will be shared with the next Mercedes-Benz ‘ML’ class] A Nissan based Sebring replacement is also being worked on. For 2011 all-new versions of the Dodge Charger and Chrysler 300 will come out. Those who have seen the LX replacements say that they are ‘very retro’ and ‘very cool’. [The Charger – for instance – taking on even more of the original Dodge Charger’s styling cues] Chrysler is also nearly ready to introduce their all-new line of Phoenix V6 engines. I just hope Chrysler gets a chance to have a future. Now the rumour is that GM and Chrysler are talking ‘merger’ again. And it also has to be said that Chrysler has NOT promised to START making vehicles again after the one month shut-down of all plants which begins on Friday, December the 19th.

    I for one will be VERY SAD if Chrysler DIES. I just hope that whatever happens – and whoever owns Chrysler – I’ll STILL be able to trade my 300C SRT8 in on a all-new 2011 version.

    Craig!! 🙂

  3. Keep in mind Cerberus is just an investment co. looking to resell Chrysaler.They serve only thier investors and opoops…they lost and should not be bailed. Time to cry and sell to someone who wants to be in auto business to sell cars.Lts face it thier autos are not all that good.

  4. Today Washington Post says all the workers are getting full pay until Jan 19, 2009. That is not bad.

    Moreover, Chrysler has sent letters to its dealers that it may suspend new loans on new cars to buyers.

  5. I bet all the chrysler employees who took the buyout are all now so relieved, and it seems like just a month ago Gm wanted chrysler so badly cause they had 11 billion in there coffers, how did they manage to burn thru that much cash so quickly ??

  6. I am highly doubtful the Jeep and Lotus will ever going to be in EV form. The Wrangler and especially the Lotus are such niche vehicles that no money is to be made there. Dodge Caravan EV might be possible but again, highly unlikely, since minivan market is not expanding plus with the weight and cargo capacity of a minivan, the batteries would be sucked up dried faster than normal. Did I hear somewhere that its Aspen and Durango hybrid are biting the dust?

    What you see is just marketing hype. It would be a better move to fill the EV trim with bread-and-butter cars like the Sebring, Caliber and maybe 300.

  7. Then again mabey they won’t EVER be returning to work. I hear there are some Plants in China looking for workers as they prepare to “fill the gap” left by Chrysler and GM. They have a great pension plan: work till you make an error and then they shoot you!

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