2011 VW Tiguan?

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At least this is what they’ll be getting in China soon.
Not sure if the new front end will make it over here and in Europe, but I don’t see why not…

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  1. i think it could be dechromed a bit, but now that VW is dropping the 'shield' look, it only makes sense to add the horizontal grille throughout it's lineup.

  2. Who cares.

    It is an overpriced, unreliable, POS VW. The Tiguan is a JOKE.

    $30,000 for a AWD model??? You can't get AWD on the base model which STARTS at $24,000. A base model starting at $24,000 with the competition starting at around $20,000????

    I'll take a loaded CR-V EX-L with navigation and save about 7 grand over the Tiguan. That way I will have $7,000 more in my pocket and a vehicle that I know won't leave me stranded.

  3. Not many comments and not many on the road. Not very exciting either. I can't imagine why anyone would choose this over any of the competition out there. Unless you are one of the lucky diehard VW owners who hasn't gotten a lemon and can tolerate poor customer service. Then this VW's for you.

  4. Okay.

    That's certainly the same face we will see on VW's new midsize car here in the States. It's not very exciting, but a drastic improvement over the heavy-handed shield face thing they had going on…

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