BMW “Sub 1” Series

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BMW is hard at work on a smaller car than the 1 series. Which itself is being redesigned for next year.

That still sounds crazy to me. Rumors even claim it might be using the 1.6 Liter from the Mini.
So again, why?
Why even make the Mini?
This tiny BMW could end up being the Mini’s worst enemy…

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  1. I disagree somewhat. If it's a good car, it's rarely a bad thing to have good alternatives from which to choose. Compare that to Toyota, who deliberately dumbs-down their cheaper models to make their more expensive models appear more attractive. I say, let each brand fight for themselves. Mini and BMW are different brands and they should each fight to make the best car that they can.

    I'm still not in love with the idea of a FWD BMW though.

  2. This is a stupid idea on BMW's part! ok….so….this may end up being a good, efficient car and all but, seriously, who is going to buy this? Young people?….NO! They won't be able to afford it. Rich young people you say? uuhhh…NO! They'll be in AT LEAST a 3 series. BMW CAN'T make this too affordable since it will cheapen the nameplate. Compete with the Mini? Perhaps, but I don't think so. To me, as practcal as the Mini is (aside from it's expense) the Mini is a novelty. A fun, interesting car with a great history. This BMW is not. It's just going to be an overpriced economy car with a fancy badge. So I ask again….Who is going to buy this car?

  3. The retro look of the mini is getting a little tired. I'd love to have a totally modern super mini with 5 doors for a round $22k. The Audi A1 looks like the main competitor for this mini Bimmer.

    Here in San Francisco, Minis, ForTwos, A3s and 1series are abundant. This car will sell so fast along the west coast and in the New England states.

  4. Is it wrong that the most exciting thing about this car to me is the suspense behind what they are going to call it?

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