2013 Hyundai Genesis Coupe

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Looks like quite a few changes are in store for the Coupe version of the Genesis.

I really enjoyed the car when I got to test drive it last year. Mine was a V6 with manual.

It was really a fun car to drive, especially for the loaded price of about $30 000.

Now it looks like it will get an all new front end for the new year. As well as new rear lights. And it seems that, at least on some models, we might see a nice chrome line around the side windows.

My only complaints were about some of the interior bits. But that has mostly been rectified last year.

We might still be seeing an all new interior for the next year, as well as even more powerful engines.

An already good car that keeps improving….

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  1. It looks great! My only concern for sales is that it looks a little too Elantra/Veloster-ish. If this came out first, then the Elantra/Veloster, I could understand the styling cues being handed down….instead of up. But this does bring in the family face a bit better. They choose a different route with the Sedan however.

  2. Looks good now, and the improvements are another step up. Not sure why I've only seen about a dozen on the road. I know that the Altima coupe is the "poor man's G37 coupe." But I'd take this over an Altima any day.

  3. this is what a modern mitsu eclipse should've been. This'll be a true Mustang competitor but it'll probably have a one year lead over the next gen mustang, which'll recapture any lost market to this coupe. There's also the Scion / Subaru sports coupe that's due out over the next couple of years.

  4. I don't know about the front, will have to see this in person but it reminds me of a fat kid grinning..but if it has the corporate turbo in it then I'd have to take a closer look

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