BMW 4 series Coupe Concept

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The only concepts bits in this are maybe the wheels and over styled bumpes. As well as the hyper tacky finish of the interior.
Otherwise, this is the production car we will see next year.
As expected, it shares its interior with the 3 series. And it is basically a 3 series coupe.
There is no reason why this would be called a 4 series.

At least Audi gave a different design and interior to the A5. Which is based on the A4.

A pretty car. Nicer looking than the sedan. Which is always the case with the 3 series.
But nothing exciting or surprising. Which, again, is always the case…

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  1. Since the early 90s, EVERY SINGLE FRIGGIN TIME a new 3-series comes out, there are "rumours" that the coupé version will be named 4-series (because the 6-series is supposed to be the 5-series coupé version, and the defunct 8-series was the 7 series coupe and blah blah). And then they never do it. Why? WHO CARES. Please BMW no more of this stupid little farce.

  2. Essentially just the same old same old two-door 3-Series… just this time with 'eye boogers' and some JC Whitney sourced fender vents on the side.

    Let's see how much of a price premium BMW will charge by rechristening it as the '4-Series'… ?

  3. Looks to be based on the all-new (but styled to look like it's NOT new)3-series sedans. The sedans got a bit wider and a few inches longer with this re-style; is the same true of the 2-door? I assume it will be avail in the same 5 trims as the 4-dr (Base, Sport, Modern, Luxury, and M ) I loved the beige-backed gauges & driftwood dash & doors handles on the Modern; and also the inlaid "real wood imbedded into real wood" detailing on the Lux Dash! (I assume these will still be in the $39k-$70k price range that they were in last year–if not higher.) I always thought BMW's were overpriced. Then I drove one–then another–THER'RE NOT!!!. So I bought one–WHAT A BALL TO DRIVE!!!!

  4. i do admit i see accord coupe style elements; just take away the kidney beans up front.

    whats with the tiburon vents aft of the front wheels? either use the slit or go big.

  5. The wheels are dumb and the leather stitching detail looks like something you'd have seen in a '74 Cordoba. But the car overall is stunning.

  6. Car is beautiful minus some of the bottom front bumper. Also I like the smaller tie-in to the front grill from then3 series. Love the sides of the car. Doesn't have to be totally different then previous, but it has more shape to it which is nice. The slope of the rear quarter windows is allot sleeker then the current, and lastly the rear looks great.
    The interior hopefully will look better in the production, though I'm a fan of the stitching of leather.
    Overall you know that there is going to be a premium associated with the 4 since its a step above the 3. All these car companies are trying to do this.

  7. Every year the 3 Series just keeps getting porkier. Hopefully, they'll just rename the entire line up the 4 Series and come up with a new 3 Series in the spirit of the originals.

  8. "Every year the 3 Series just keeps getting porkier"

    Poor analagy. It's getting a bit bigger–but still out-handles & out-manuvers anyting in it's (smaller,previous) size catagory.

    It is still thee benchmark for nimbleness–even if it's larger and more comfortable than any rival!

    They don't get any more impressive than the NEW, LARGER 3-Series!

    And all that power with STILL 36 MPG?!!! Amazing.

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