Fisker: The new Saab???

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Fisker has become the new Saab. Will it die? Will someone save it at the last minute?
Chinese companies involved, etc….
Same thing we were talking about with Saab a few years ago.

Now we hear that Chinese company Wanxiang is teaming up with Bob Lutz’s VL Automotive in order to make a bid for Fisker.
Wnaxiang apparently now owns A123 Battery Systems which used to provide batteries for Fisker.
And Lutz’s new company already offers a version of the Fisker Karma fitted with a GM V8 engine.
So that would seem like a good match to save the company. (They “just” need to repay the federal loan before they can do anything…)

In my opinion, anything that can be done to keep these gorgeous cars on the road is a great idea. So there…

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