All new JDM Honda Odyssey

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Looks like there is an all new Odyssey for the japanese market.

We all remember the very 1st generation that was sold here . It was a “smaller than minivan” van. With regular car doors.
But eventually Honda decided the US needed something much larger for the second generation.
In Japan, the local Odyssey kept being redesigned, keeping the car doors and the smaller size.

This new one seems to be a bit larger. And it now has regular minivan sliding doors.
And it’s not pretty. It has the usual tortured lines of recent Honda designs. And too much chrome.

It just looks quite vulgar…

This is the current generation of the JDM Odyssey. It came out in 2008.
Still with regular doors.

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  1. It looks like Honda is using the US-based Odyssey for their JDM design. Perhaps shortened a bit, but the current US Odyssey was slightly smaller than its predecessor too. Makes sense – if they're moving toward one another, at some point, they'd be the same vehicle.

    Point 2 : Honda cars are so damn ugly lately.

  2. I actually kind of like this. True, the grill (at least the lower portion below the headlight line) is terrible, but the rest look pretty good, at least in that colour….

  3. The Odyssey JDM uses the Acura TL front fender line. I think this looks a lot better than the current USDM design IMO

  4. Other than the chrome strip on the side, I like this too. It's not as nice as that Renault concept you showed recently, but it's still ok. Can't really tell what's going on with the sheet metal on the side, though. Have any pics of the rear?

  5. Ok.

    I don't see what's so bad about it, either. Looks rather attractive, besides the front clip. I'm a fan…

  6. A bit disappointing for an "all new" design; but at least they got better in 1 area: LOVE the wood on the dash and front doors. Now lets bring the rear doors up to that level–instead of leaving them looking like cargo doors with cheap plastic snap-in inserts. Apparently people who ride in the middle & rear seats are all blind and unimportant in Japan.

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