L.A Auto Show : Porsche Macan

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After listening to a few long boring BS speeches from the suits, we finally saw the Macan in person.

It looks very nice. More muscular than the Cayenne.
I think this will take plenty of sales from the current Cayenne. At $52 000 to start, it is more than the Cayenne V6.
I was told that a cheaper version with a Turbo 4 was coming up. But still, it might just end up being about the same price as the base Cayenne.
But I was also told that the next Cayenne was moving upmarket. (The usual story of all cars getting bigger and more expensive with each redesign.)
So that pretty much explains it… This will eventually be the same price as the current Cayenne and pretty much replace it.

It’s not very roomy in the back, but most people taking their 5 year olds to school won’t care much about that.
The interior is great and upscale. And very similar to the Cayenne’s.

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