2015 VW Passat engines.

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The Passat will be all new for the 2015 year.
In Europe that is…
In the US, we will be getting a revised version of the current car next year. (Let’s hope they do a bit more work than with the “almost exactly the same” 2015 Jetta…)

These are the engines available for the new model in Europe:

-1.4 Liter 125HP
-1.4 Liter 150HP
-1.4 Liter 180HP
-2.0 Liter 220HP
-2.0 Liter 280HP
-Hybrid 211HP
-1.6 Diesel 120HP
-2.0 Diesel 150HP
-2.0 Diesel 150HP
-2.0 Diesel bi-Turbo 240HP

While most of these would be too underpowered for the US, there are some familiar engines on that list.
Like the 2.0 Liter Diesel 150pHP or the 2.0 Liter with 220HP.
But really, why don’t we get the 190HP version of the diesel? And the new 240HP one sounds amazing!
Also, it looks like the 2.0 Liter with 280HP could be replacing out V6 option pretty soon.

And. Why don’t we get 211HP out of the Hybrid over here?
So far, the Hybrid is only available in the Jetta, with 170HP.
From my experience, it is a great power train (with a 7 speed auto) and does get about 45MPG in the city as well as on the byway, in real life driving.

Let’s hope VW finds it in their heart to bring some of these over here.

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