2016 Renault Alpine?

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 These pictures were sent to me by a European reader.
They are supposedly showing the production version of the upcoming Renault Alpine.

Which, if true, would be great. As they really take advantage of the Alpine history.
Just like the Mustang and Camaro have done lately. (And of course the Beetle and Mini)

Here is the concept we saw just a few days ago.
If real, the production model shown above would be really close.

And here is the inspiration for all this: The old Alpine A110.
Designed by Michelotti, and produced from 1961 until 1977.
(A 1969 model is pictured here)
Michelotti was the genius who also designed cars like the Triumph TR4 and Stag, as well as the BMW 2002!
So, what do you think?
Are these pictures above the real thing???
(I mean, the tiny door handles and super thin rear view mirrors still say “concept” to me…)

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