“All new” Karma Revero

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This is a really cool video.
Showing, for the first time, the new version of the Karma.
So it looks like it is really coming back to life.

Even built in the US. And the smaller Altantic is coming out next.
The “now Chinese owned” company is aiming for about 3000 units a year so far.
And about 50 000 (Including the smaller/cheaper Atlantic) a year once the larger Chinese factory opens.
Why not.

We don’t know all the specs yet. Like where the gas engine/generator comes from. (It used to be a GM 2.0 Liter in the old version)

It is supposed to get 50 miles of pure EV per charge.
Which is pretty good, but still a little bit less than the new Volt.

And the solar panel now can recharge the batteries.
(In the old version, it was only to charge the 12 volt battery)
I am not sure how that works.
(Does it recharge the battery while you are driving so you don’t even need to plug it in???)

The Karma is one of the most striking production car I have ever seen.
It is always a(rare) treat to see one.

I am glad it’s coming back.

Now, I wonder how long it will finally take to see new Chinese Saabs around…

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