Borgward BXi7

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 Borgward was an old German brand.
Chinese company BAIC bought the rights to it and quickly showed 3 concepts last year.
The BX7, BX5 and BX6 SUVs.

While the Chinese market versions are getting regular gas engines (2.0 Liter with 201hp for the BX7)
The ones sold in Europe, which will actually be made in Germany, will all be EV or plug-in hybrids.

Which is an interesting move.

The picture above is the  EV model. Which should start selling in Europe next year. If all goes well.
The rumor is it has about 150 miles range. Nothing amazing, but better than most EVs today.

 I didn’t like these Borgward concepts last year.

Looking at them again now, I think they’re not that bad. Really.
Not worse than the Audi Q5.

And here is the interior of the production model. Not bad either.

I just wonder how much these things will be…

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