The VW Scirocco is officially dead. Again…

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VW has officially announced the death of the Scirocco. (It happen before)
Not a big deal for us, since the latest generation was never sold in the US. And most of us have never seen one. (It is even a pretty rare sight in Europe)

Still. that is too bad.
VW is on a quest to recuperate some of these billions lost in their diesel scandal.
And slow selling cars like the Scirocco have to go, I guess.
 I truly hope they find a way to keep the Beetle alive. As it is really the souls of that brand, and their only model with some personality…

So here are a few original ads for all generations of the Scirocco.
And yes, I did include the Corrado. because it was basically a 3rd generation Scirocco, with another name (Now sure why they did change that name…)

The 1st generation came out in 1974 and was meant to be a sporty coupe version of the all new VW Golf.
And both cars were design my the master, Giorgetto Giugiaro.
An all new generation came out in 1981.
And the Corrado replaced it in 1988. (So basically, killing the Scirocco, at least in name, a first time)
The Corrado was discontinued in 1995. (Which could be considered the Scirocco’s second death?)

The current design came out in 2008. So it is basically a 10 year old model. And I think it still looks pretty great…

R.I.P Scirocco. Until next time…

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