2018 Chevrolet Corvette ZR-1

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 This is obviously an advance copy of the December issue of Car & Driver.

Showing the new Corvette ZR-1. And it looks really horrible(!)
The regular current Corvette already looks a bit like a toy, but this really has to be the pinacle of vulgarity.
Vents, scoops, skirts. All over the place. And that stupid looking huge wing in the back???

This looks like a Corvette version of the nightmarish Civic Type R.
This is really depressing. How vulgar some sports cars have become.

Just think back a few years, when the ZR-1 was just a rather tasteful, sportier, faster version of the Corvette…

Here are some pix of previous generations.
Actually looking pretty classy. And still sporty!

No need for all the crap the new one has.

And how many 750HP Corvettes GM will really sell?
This will do nothing to improve GM’s image.

It’s like having a giant head of Meat Loaf tattooed allover your chest and showing up shirtless for work on Monday morning.


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