All new Lexus RX350L coming up

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Th top picture is the first official teaser for the new RX350L.
The bottom on is the regular, current RX.
And they are the exact same thing. (They didn’t even change the light design)

That’s because the main difference between the RX and RXL is the length. Not the rear lights(!!!!)
Not sure why they pick that part of the car to “tease” us with. Since the RXL is just a longer version of the RX, with 2 extra seats.

This is something US dealers have been asking for along time. And it took quite a while for Lexus to deliver.
I guess this will also be quite popular in China, where it seems everything is offered in a long wheelbase version…

So don’t expect anything new. This will be nothing more than a longer RX. And it will sell very well.

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