Trumpchi GM8 Minivan

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 “Trumpchi” is another one of these Chinese brand who claims they will enter the US market “soon”.
We’ll see. So far they do have a couple of interesting SUVs.

They have already mentioned they would change the company name before landing in the US.
As many might not want a car from a brand basically called “Trump Chi”.

Now they have just unveiled this all new GM8 luxury minivan.
I think it does look the part. At least on these pictures.
The interior seems very decent. The rear seats are like thrones.

And it does have lots of chrome and shiny stuff.
Like luxury cars do…

So really, why not?
This could be, again (Like the Oldsmobile Silhouette was called in “Get Shorty”) the “Cadillac of Minivans”…

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