2018/19 Peugeot 508

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The current 508 sedan design has never grown on me.
I have seen it in person a few times when traveling to Europe, and it always just looks so generic to me.
It looks like it’s trying “something”. But I’m not sure what.
(Their older designs from Pininfarina like the 505 or 604 were so much nicer. )
A new one is expected soon. Probably at the next Geneva auto show.
Recent Peugeot designs have been quite aggressive looking. Especially their SUV’s. Making them look almost weird, with too many lines and unnecessary details. 
It’s hard to say what this will look like. But from these pictures, the shape already looks quite generic.
From older spy pix it looked like it could have been a hatchback, like the Opel Insignia.
But the picture above does look like a regular sedan.
The interior does look more original. Even futuristic. 
Peugeot is hard at work getting cars ready for the US market. Not sure another “regular” sedan with nothing special is the way to go…
I do have high hopes for the upcoming large Citroen sedan. That would be much more special.
I think they’d have more chances with something that stands out…

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