BMW iX3 “Concept”.

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This “concept” is hardly news design wise. Since, as you can see, it is just a regular X3 (bottom pic) with a new grille and “EV looking” trim.
I guess BMW gave up on having cool, innovating designs for their EV line.
And that new grille might not be that “new” once production starts in 2020. Exactly when the regular X3 is due for a mid cycle refresh that might include that grille design anyway.
The iX3 will get about 250 miles range. 
And it will be made exclusively in China.
But will be exported to Europe and the US. 
So I guess this will the the first Chinese made BMW sold in the US. 
At least, Jaguar put some effort in their i-Pace EV. It looks great and upscale. And has its own design.
Re-using the X3 is just a cheap looking way to get into the EV game.
Especially for a “luxury” brand….

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