Burlapp Cars around L.A: Citroen DS

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Another time cabsule: the amazing Citroen DS.
I used to see a few of these around. Especially years ago when there was still a guy in Hollywood (on Melrose ave) who was selling and fixing them. 
Now they seem super rare…
The DS came out in 1955. (Imagine the amazing sight it was back in the 50’s!)
It went through a few changes, now called “facelifts” over its 20 year production run.
The one pictured here is from the last year, 1975.
So it has the “newer” dashboard and directional headlights. 
The two guys driving it told me they had just driven it to Las Vegas and back with zero problem.
They apparently drive it almost evey day.
These cars have been features in countless European moves. But also Hollywood productions taking place in Europe. 
They also had a flying on in “Back to the Future 2.”
And it was the family car in the animated show “Rugrats.”

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