More pictures of the new Chevrolet Menlo EV

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While the US has not been getting a new EV model from GM since 2016, China is getting yet another one.
It is based on the Bolt (not the all new EV platform designed for the US market). But seems longer and roomier.
The shape is more like a wagon.
The interior is OK. But not as nice to me as the new Trailblazer. (The sticking out screen is not well integrated to the dash.) It seems a lot busier too.
Outside as well, where there are enough lines to design 3 more cars.
Which ends up looking like quite a mess. 
I guess this matches the general Chinese taste in car designs.
Speaking of GM EV’s. A couple of years ago they were promising something like 20 new models before 2023 or so.
Where are they???

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