2021 VW Tiguan “Coupe”

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And why not. In this crazy “SUV world” of ours, carmakers found an easy and rather cheap way to double their line up of SUVs: redesign the back with a slicker, more slanted hatch.
(And usually charge even more for it)

So it is no surprise to see this “coupe” version of the Tiguan.
The blue car above is the 2021 model with its redesigned front end.
You can see the new coupe will be based on the current, revised, generation, and not an all new one.
Which menas the regular Tiguan will be with us for a few more years as well.

All these new SUV coupe models always remind me of the original. The old 4WD eagle models.
Which were available as a sedan, a wagon, andes, a real 2 door coupe…

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