2021 VW Arteon sedan and wagon

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 These are the first official pictures of the revised VW Arteon hatchback sedan for 2021.
And they look like the new “R” trim as well.

The front is slightly different. (It could also be specific to the “R” version)

The big news for the Arteon is the all-new super sleek wagon version. (also available as a raised up “fake Crossover” model)
And of course, VW has already announced that cool body style will not be coming to the US.

The great-looking Arteon has been a tough sale in the US with only about 19 000 of them sold last year.
(which is actually quite a bit better than the Kia Stinger, which sold less than 14 000 units last year)

As you can see, there are some small revisions inside as well. Mostly the air vents design and the console. ( they also deleted the cheezy analog clock…) 

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