New pictures of the Chinese Buick Velite 7 (Chevrolet Bolt SUV)

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 Sold in China as a new Buick EV, this is basically the car that will be sold in the US as the new Chevrolet Bolt’s bigger cousin.
There is no official name for the US yet. (Bolt SUV??)

It is based on the same platformas as the regular Bolt, and uses the same powertrain.
Its wheelbase is about 3 inches longer, which must now provide quite a huge amount of rear legroom for its size. Since the regular Bolt is already bvery roomy.
EV range is probably around 240/250 miles.

As you can see, it has a much better interior than the Bolt.
There has been rumors about the regular Bolt getting the same interior for 2021. Which would be a huge improvement. The 2021 redesigned Bolt front end is also supposed to resemble the new model.

We should know much more about this very soon, but so far I think it looks quite good.

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