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This is supposed to be a new, upcoming Hyundai SUV.
But which one?
I am being told it is larger than the Tucson. And also that it is an EV.
Which is strange since the only upcoming large EV SUV from Hyundai seems to be the Ioniq 7, previewed by the Concept 7 (bottom pic). Which doesn’t look like this at all.
maybe this is the next generation Santa Fe? The current generation was introduced in 2018. Even though it is received some changes last year. Maybe a new one is getting ready to take over in a year or two.
With a pure electric option?
Or it could be something totally different for other markets. Something not sold in Europe or North America.
We’ll see….


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  1. Could definitely be the Ioniq 7 or the next Santa Fe. Similar to the Sonata, Hyundai apparently accelerated the release of the next gen Santa Fe due to poor reception of the current one especially after the facelift.

  2. lol…betcha it is the latest Santa Fe.
    It's like a new redesigned Santa Fe every 3 months.
    I've never seen or heard of a car manufacturer such as Hyundai/Kia that comes out with new vehicles ( or just a refresh/restyle in and out) as frequently as that company.
    I recall reading somewhere once on how the American vehicle manufacturers were so much in competition with each other that every year the public would get so excited to see what new changes were to be had. That was in the 1950s/1960s. With new bumpers, engines, latest technology such as an fm radio, power steering, power brakes, suspension improvements.
    Hyundai-Kia reminds me of that . Seems like everyone of their vehicles gets a significant update every year or two.

  3. You guys are right on with the Santa Fe. They talked about an accelerated remodel a couple of years ago, because of its poor reception as mentioned earlier. Hopefully, Hyundai actually pushed it slightly upmarket and made ut more of a "sport" version of the Palisade.

  4. Has to be the new Santa Fe. The rear looks similar to the Chinese LWB version that has a Sonata inspired rear.

  5. If this is the new Santa Fe, I don't like seeing that there are no exposed exhaust outlets. Hyundai needs to make then look sporty instead of emphasizing fuel efficiency.

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