2023 Mini Cooper: official spy shots…

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Following a recent trend, Mini has decided to release some “official” spy shots of the upcoming 2023 Mini Cooper. These are basically sharper photos of the camouflaged prototypes we have seen over the past year. 
And they do match the uncovered prototype photos I posted a few months ago. These photos were taken in China. Prompting a rumor that the new Mini SE EV will be a Chinese market model only. But, as you can see from the top photos, it is the same one pictured in the new teasers. The one with the weird rear end design, and “regular” front hood opening.
Other camouflaged prototypes have been caught looking much more like the current Mini Cooper. With a clamshell hood and “normal” tail lights. 
Some have speculated that Mini would offer a revised ICE model based on the current generation alongside the all-new redesigned electric version. 
It’s all weird and confusing and is giving me a headache…


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