2023 Lexus RZ: Vs the original Concept and bZ4X…

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We all know and expect a production car to be a bit toned down from its original concept. It almost always happens. 
But the original Lexus concept from last year didn’t look that far out, to begin with. It just looked great. And a breath of fresh air for the brand.
Unfortunately, the production version unveiled just a few days ago is drastically different. And ends up looking like another invisible Lexus. Is it a new RX? the new NX?
Who knows. Since they all look the same. And now, this includes the all-new RZ as well.
Sure, at least, it’s not a Toyota bZ4X with Lexus badges. As you can see, they actually gave the Lexus its own design. 
But it actually doesn’t look fancier or more expensive than the cheaper Toyota. 
I just don’t see this being a hit for Lexus. (it even has a smaller EV range than the Toyota)
It could be destroyed by the competition. 

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  1. I can imagine the designers' disappointment: not a single element of the prototype was preserved in the production car

  2. I correct my self: the elements that the engineers have kept of the prototype have become ugly caricature. It's a pity for a great design

  3. I used to think Lexus had really elegant designs… even if I didn't love them (the gaping mouth and their weird interior center stacks are a NO for me). This is just dowdy.

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