2023 Mini Countryman: new illustrations…

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These new 2023 Mini Countryman illustrations show a company that has lost its way. 
The Countryman seems to look less and less like a Mini with each generation.
The first one looked really good, for what it was, a bloated 4-door Mini Cooper.
To me, the current generation with its squared-off fenders has already lost it.
This next one seems even worse. Although to be truthful, there is still quite a bit of camouflage on the prototypes. But these new illustrations look like a worst-case scenario about to happen.
I am not sure what the rear end is trying to be. It’s a bit reminiscent of the new Range Rover. Somehow? In a very clumsy way (Although it couldn’t really be influenced by it since the RV design was finalized long before)
I’m afraid this will end up more like a new Scion than a Mini…


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