DeLorean Alpha5: official photos…

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It’s actually a good thing they didn’t try to go retro on this.
There is no way to improve or modernize Giugiaro’s classic design for the DMC 12. 
The new model was still designed by Ital Design (without Giugiaro) and I think it looks great. In its own way.
A 4 seat electric sports car is just another thing entirely. One that could actually appeal to more people. 
Although I’m a big fan of the design, the interior seems quite unoriginal. There’s just nothing really new in there. And it doesn’t really look very premium either. It’s nice, but it could also be the interior or so many new Chinese EVs these days. 
Apparently, it can do 0 to 60 in 3 seconds and has a 300 miles range. 
Personally, I’d rather have a longer range than useless super-fast acceleration.
The new Delorean is supposed to be built at the Ital Design’s facility in Italy. But who knows really.
This is a nice concept from a small Texas company that has so far just refurbished old DeLorean cars.
They also want to limit the production to 88 units. Which means we will never see one anyway.
This is really too bad. We need more cars looking like this on the roads. And they shouldn’t just be billionaire toys either. I’m afraid this might end up nowhere…

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