Study: college students dream of a Tesla…

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Not sure if that’s a good thing or not.

But according to a new study report, it’s true. 

79% of college students drive a used car. For 47% of them, that car is over 10 years old. And most of these cars are Toyotas (16%) and Hondas (15%). Which does make sense, since these are the affordable brands people recommend the most. Next, we see Chevrolet and Ford, both at 10%. And Nissan at 8%.

31% of the students spent under $10 000 on their cars. While 28% spent between $10 000 and $20 000.

The stuff they dream of? 15% of them want a Tesla. While only 6% dream of a Mercedes or BMW. This is a huge difference and shows the amazing power of the Tesla brand. It seems most of these students will probably get a Tesla as soon as they can afford one.

With all its faults, Tesla has created quite an amazing brand image. It might shrink a bit with time. Due to competition, and especially obnoxious behavior from Elon Musk. For now, it still works…

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