2025 VW GTI.

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For some odd reason, in the past few years, VW has been showing all their new models with a light colorful camouflage to the press before they actually come out. I mean, you can literally see everything. This is usually done just a few weeks before launch, and what they just did at CES with the revised GTI.

The current generation GTI came out as part of the 2019 8th generation VW Golf, although it came out quite a bit later in the US. The 2025 model is a slight refresh of the current generation. The front end is slightly different from the current car. Interestingly enough, the camouflaged prototype seems to have a different lower bumper design than the car caught on the new infotainment screen (second photo).

Inside, most journalists applaud the return of physical buttons on the steering wheel, which is fine. But I lament the original dashboard. As for 2025, VW is again shoving its huge center screen from everything else it makes on top of the old dashboard. And it looks, shall I say, ghastly, and completely out of place with the rest of the interior. It’s just horrible.

Another sad event is the farewell to the manual transition. Which could be the most blasphemous move in the GTI. I cannot believe that even in Europe the manual option wasn’t a popular one, but it’s actually true. Apparently, globally, only 5% of buyers chose the manual. While around 50% of US buyers did. This is obviously due to the lack of manual car choices over here. It seems many bought the GTI because of the manual. That also means the move will effectively cut US sales in half when the revised version comes out without a manual.

With only 10,690 sold here last year, this means sales will automatically drop to around 5000 a year in the US. I guess VW doesn’t really care…

In other GTI news, the revised model will include a Chat GTP assistant. Something that is coming to the next-generation VW Tiguan, as well as the ID-4 and upcoming ID-7. And something I personally would have zero need for since I never use a voice assistant in any car I drive.

Maybe I am missing out…

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