2025 Rivian R2.

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Rivian just released a teaser for their new upcoming R2 SUV.

As expected, the front end looks exactly like a smaller version of the current R1S. (bottom pic). We don’t know much else about the smaller Rivian model. The new R2 has been delayed once before, but Rivian says production will start in 2025 at their new factory in Georgia. Although deliveries will happen in 2026. So we are still about 2 years away from seeing these driving around.

Not only will the R2 be smaller than the R1S, but it will also be cheaper. A lot cheaper. While the R1S currently starts at $ 76,700 when you order it with the new smaller battery, the R2 is rumored to be priced between $ 40,000 and $ 60,000. So far, Rivians are well-equipped trucks even on the base model. A $40 000 Rivian SUV could become a huge hit. Especially considering possible available combined incentives of at least $ 10,000. It could even be a bit cheaper than the Tesla Model Y.

This will be Rivian’s “Model 3 moment”. Since demand could skyrocket starting next month when the R2 will be introduced to the public. By the time they start production next year, they will have accumulated over a year of possible orders. The brand new factory producing a brand new vehicle will have to ramp up pretty fast.

I really like Rivian and I hope they can pull it off. The R2 will also be competing with the equally new Fisker Ocean, which has had some trouble lately, with consumers complaining of many issues with their cars, as well as missing features at deliveries due to part shortages.

Later this year, Lucid will also introduce a smaller and cheaper model. Again, competing with the Model Y.

This will all be quite interesting…

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