2025 Toyota large EV SUV.

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Toyota has just announced another round of massive EV investment in the US.

They will now spend an additional $1.3 Billion in the Kentucky factory that is scheduled to produce 2 new 3-row SUVs. One for Toyota and another for Lexus.

The new investment will pay for an EV assembly line as well as battery pack assembly. Toyota’s total EV investment in the US is $17 billion.

This is quite amazing, especially for a company that has been pushing hybrids and PHEVs. However, it is also expected since these new EVs are at least a year away, and that’s when they will be pushing EVs instead of hybrids.

The design of the new EVs is kind of up in the air. They showed prototypes of larger 3-row SUVs back in late 2021. The 2 images above show the prototype and even a patent image. This prototype was totally devoided of any personality. A totally bland design that vaguely resembles a larger, more boring Toyota BZ4X.

Just a few months ago, Toyota showed a new prototype of a larger 3-row electric SUV, the Toyota Land Cruiser SE.

The Land Cruiser SE doesn’t look like a Land Cruiser, but it does look great. A very modern design that would be fantastic as a production model. And who can blame Toyota for using the Land Cruiser name, in a world of Mustang Mach-E and Wagoneer S.

I think a production electric SUV based on the Land Cruiser SE could become very popular in the US. It is about 100 times better looking than the weird Kia EV9. The Hyundai Ioniq 7 is also coming soon, but the Toyota isn’t far behind with production starting next year.

All these US investments are good news and I can’t wait to see the final product.

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