2025 Dodge Charger.

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This is the last teaser before we see the real thing, the all-new Dodge Charger EV for 2025.

The current generation coupe is called the Challenger and has been out since 2016. A beloved muscle car that has been a good seller for Dodge over the years, and still is.

The new car will be an EV previewed by the fantastic Dodge Charger Daytona concept in 2021. We have been told to expect even more power than the previous ICE model from the electric powertrain, and possibly one ICE version with an inline 6-cylinder Turbo.

It is also rumored to have a multi-speed transmission, which would be a first on an EV.

We still don’t have an official name besides Charger. Many think Charger Daytona will be the 2-door coupe, and an upcoming 4-door version could be called just Charger. The new coupe is a proper hatchback and it will be interesting to see if a 4-door model retains the cool feature. While I really don’t understand the need or even want a car with over 700 or even 800 HP, the base model with over 400HP would make a very nice looking daily 2-door coupe, with the extra convenience of a hatchback.

The old guard will be pissed at the EV version no matter what. Just like they couldn’t stand giving up their CDs when the iPod came out. The transition could be difficult for some.

More on this, very, very soon…

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