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In this video, you will discover the new EV from Honda and Sony called Afeela.

Creating a new brand for the new car seems like a strange, complicated, and costly way to do things, especially from 2 already very famous and respected brands. The car itself seems fine, although for some reason access to the rear seats is difficult with a very low roof. However, I was able to notice it is a proper hatchback.

The giant screen playing video games, TV, and movies is quite ridiculous. It can also play fake car sounds from a variety of sources including Spiderman movies. (If you can believe that…). After experiencing the car in person, you are left with the feeling that Honda and Sony aren’t sure what they’re doing. That’s it’s a car trying very hard not to be one.

The Sony part of the strange alliance provides tons of entertainment from video games, movies, and TV shows. Cramming all that stuff into a car produces mixed results.

Afeela provided very knowledgeable reps for the presentation, and the video shows some of the official descriptions of the car’s infotainment capacities. It seems they are trying very hard to guess what people want, and I just don’t think watching movies and playing video games is what car buyers are looking for in a new vehicle purchase.

Please, watch the video and tell me what you think of this…

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