New Mini engines

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As expected, the Mini Cooper is due for all new engines.

The current ones are produced in Brazil at a factory owned by a joint venture between BMW and Chrysler.

That’s right, Chrysler. That idea dates back from years ago, when Chrysler wanted to pruduce their own small hatchback for the European market. That idea was canned when Mercedes took them over.

BMW was never really happy with the engines, so they went on looking for a new partner ASAP.

These new engines are designed and manufactured with Peugeot. Who will also use them in their own cars.

In the Mini, the engines receive BMW’s own “Valvetronic” valve system.

Just like before, the engine is a 1.6 Liter and the power is still 115hp. But the S is schedule to get a Turbo version. Instead of the current Supercharger. That doesn’t sound like an improvement.

And the power on this is only rated at 143hp. Less than the current engine. A mistery..

Another mistery, is when these engines will come out. The Mini us due for a redesign within the next couple of years (Yes, already…) So it would seem they would wait for that. Unless their deal with Chrysler ends before…

Go figure…

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