Chrysler 300 4 door convertible.

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Well… Maybe.
This was made by ASC. The company who, amomg others, is responsible for the Solara convertible.
They found a way to convert almost any large 4 door sedan into a 4 door convertible. And they claim the car is at least as solid as the sedan version. And as safe!
ASC is also talking about possibilities for the Cadillac STS, Fors 500 and Toyota Avalon.
Who ever would be interested.
That is one great idea!!!!
The conversion works perfectly on the 300. Even if it has to become a 4 seater with a smaller trunk.
Chrysler has not appoved this for production, and ASC claims it would take about 2 years to do so.

This could bring back the time when families were buying convertibles as their main cars!

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