Hyndai XG replacement

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That car will end up having differnt names where ever it is sold. Just like the current one, so…
In Korea, it is still the ‘Grandeur”.

It looks to me like the old Mazda 929. The last generation before the Millenia.
It was a nice look 15 years ago…
But it doesn’t look as modern as the new Sonata.

A larger engine, and much improved interior complete the package.
In the US, this will mostly compete with the Toyota Avalon and various Buick sedans.

They don’t have the name to go after Lexus yet. (I am not sure if they know that or not…)

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  1. this new xg looks extrememely especially in comparison with the xg it replaces. though the old xg had a very traditional look, many people liked it because it had a unique upscale look, that didnt look like anything else on the road. this one just looks like a big version of the new conservative hyundai, no wear near nice enough to compete with the avalon or new buicks.

  2. I have a friend who bought a 2004 XG.
    A very nice car althought the look is realy not for me. A $26000 car that he paid $19500 after rebates and discounts!
    Quite an amazing deal!
    And it was very close to the Avalon in many respect.
    But the new Avalon is even better now. But from what I’ve seen of the Hyundai interior, it look like they are getting there very quickly. And it should still be cheaper.
    their only problem is their name.

  3. Vince I have to say yes that front grill work is not the best that I’ve seen. It does have some reminders of the previous gen 929 but more closely to the current infiniti M45. It’s close. It seems some what ordinary in the pics you’ve posted. It’s not an inspired design. It is conservative. Perhaps an “in the flesh” view will offer a better prespective. I remember I felt differently after seeing the Magnum up close rather than through the published photos.


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