Lexus IS 350

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Just a short note on that new Lexus IS again.
And to see one more time how great the interior looks!
I mean, compare this to the all new 3 series.
And the BMW guys still don’t see this as a threat.

Good luck with that one…

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  1. The interior definitely one-ups the new 3-series in terms of design (and probably quality, if it lives up to previous Lexi interiors). I can’t wait to check this one out! I’m still not exactly crazy about the exterior, but I’m not offended by it either.

  2. i agree its interior is best in class, i really like the combination of metal and wood. i originally didnt like the exterior and thought it looked cheap, but new pics of 350 have grown on me, its looks nicer than the old one, and better than the new 3, not bad, well and the horsepower news is another thing that really made me like it.. if they make a coupe im sold.

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