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Well, it looks like there isn’t going to be a hard top convertible for the new Miata, but the optional hard top is still an option.
It looks very nice, but with only one side window on each side, the visibility is still not that great…

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  1. I usually try to offer substantial comments, but I simply don’t like the looks of this car. Too much of it has evloved from the previous model (which, itself, was evolved from the model that preceded it) and they tacked on a few (awkward) details from that gawd-awful Ibuki concept.

  2. Iknow what you mean. But I happened to like the concept.
    I was dissapointed in the spy shots, earlier. But I really like this car. I surprise myself.
    Sure, it does look a lot like the previous one. But it seems they changed it enough.. I can’t really explain it.
    I just can’t wait to actually see it.

  3. That is a pretty wide rear window and the pillars aren’t much wider than that of a typical 4-Door. I doubt visiblilty will be much of a problem. It’s definatly better than with the cloth top up. I’m all for glass windows in soft tops, but they do tend to be on the small side.

    I like the new design. I like the Soltice’s looks better, but it wouldn’t have worked for a Miata. And I have little doubt that the Miata will be a far superior sports car.

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