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It’s really too bad they still can’t move away from that crappy image they have in the US.
These cars have been getting better and better.
But as they get better, their designs are getting to be really bland. Compared to other European models, that is…

The top pictures are of the all new Croma. Their largest model. With engines up to 200hp.
They hope they can attract the family crowd who doesn’t want a Minivan or SUV.
It is much classier than both.

On the other end of that scale the, yet to be released, redesigned Punto. A very important car for Fiat. And potentially a huge
best seller in Europe.
It’s just too bad that, just when they finally get the quality right (pretty much), their designs are just getting average…

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  1. Yes, really Sidekicks. Don’t know in reference to what, but yes to your question. Yes it’s an opinion, but oh well. ~ Cary, the Sidekick driver for life

  2. I don’t consider the styling of the new Punto to be “average’- to me, it appears crisp and functional. Dare I say even “Germanic”- the nose resembles the new Audis.Let’s see how much duct tape it will require in a year or two…

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