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The Forfour sedan should be the best seller in the US.
Barely longer than a Mini Cooper, it seats 5!
The interior is the least original of all the Smart models. Even thought it is the newest…
But it still has the cool option of a glass roof, leather etc…
And you can fold both front seats forward. Party!!!!

But it looks like the radio is from Mercedes parts. Too bad.

These should be, after the New Beetle, PT Cruiser and Mini Cooper, the next “cool thing”.

The engine is also larger. 1.5 Liter. And they might try to fit the Mercedes 1.8 Liter in there for the US.
That is a great engine, and would make the car far superior to the Cooper. At least for comfort and smoothness…

As a final note on this: they already have a US Website!
I final decision about US sales should be taken in April. With such a strong Euro, things look pretty dicy…

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