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Rumors have been flying this week about GM getting rid of another brand.maybe even two!
After years of designing the wrong cars for the market, they think the answer to their problems is to dump the legendary brands they acquired.
It seems unthinkable, but they might actually do it again. Who would have thought they’d get rid of Oldsmobile, instead of making cars people actually want to buy???
All I know is that Chevrolet and Cadillac are safe.
Let’s see about the others:

Buick ? I don’t really think so. It seems they are really spending some money on that brand lately.
But they were talking of canceling the RWD cars they were planning for Buick. And after the new Lucerne, what’s next???
Nobody really knows. The new sedan was supposed to replace the Park Avenue.

Or Saturn?
That brand was created to compete with import at a time when Chevy and Pontiac were putting out crap.
But the new Chevy Cobalt and Pontiac G6 seem to be able to do the job.
And their new models don’t even have the famous “dent resistent body panels” that made the brand special. So why have Saturn???
How about the 2 concept they just showed us though…They might never see the light of day.

They just teased us whith Coupe and Convertible versions of the new G6.
But on the other side, the Torrant is just a cheap re-badged Chevy. And what’s after the G6???
Is anything actually planed? A G8 sedan?
They already annouced that the Firebird would not return.
Is that a hint?

My money is on GMC.
All they produce are Chevy truck clones. There is no reason for that brand to even exist if they don’t have their own designs.

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  1. i think it should be between pontiac, and saab. pontiac isnt getting a sunfire replacement, the zeta is gone so no new gto it seems. i think saturn should replace pontiac., saab should be gone for one simple reason gm cant afford to effectively fix the brand, and they are losing alot of money. 9-7x, 9-2x they are ruining its luxury image anyway, just kill it.

  2. GM needs fewer, better cars. They wrecked their brands years ago–that dope, Roger Smith, ruined GM.

    Now it would be best to drop redundant brands and make 3 good cars: one small, one medium, and one large.

    Why spend all that money on brands that have no following anyway?

  3. I think Buick’s days are numbered. Seems that they are spending too precious resources ($$)on old brand that has seen it’s better days. They will retire that brand just like they did ‘Oldsmobile’. Who cares about those brands anyway.

    Pontiac should be saved if possible and saturn should be folded into that brand. What the heck is a saturn anyway. As far as the others? Who really gives a hoot. If GM is serious they’ll keep the following brand line up:


    That’s all they need. No need to dilute the brand any further by watering it down and offering knock-off models disguised under other stupid brand names. I hope they do get it this time for their sake.

  4. Buick? There’s already a luxury brand for GM – Cadillac. Kill Buick.

    Pontiac? Kill it, and offer Chevrolets with cheap body kits and plastic crap on them to fill the void in the market left from Pontiac’s retirement.

    GMC? Kill it.

    Saab? These cars have been GMed already. There is nothing Swedish about it anymore. Kill it.

    Saturn? Kill it. What’s a Saturn without the dent resistant doors (Relay van)

    So that leaves you Chevrolet and Cadillac. Chevrolet can have the affordable cars, and Cadillac can have the more expensive version.

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