2006 Jaguar XK

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For once, the production model looks a bit better than the concept they showed before. Just a few months ago.
The tacky details are all gone. And the hatchback design stays.
These pictures were taken during a photo shoot for the brochure.

As you can see, the final model (top) is much cleaner looking than the concept (bottom).
But that “all new” design doesn’t look that much of a departure from the current XK. Kind of like the new Corvette.
It looks like a more angular version of the current one.
That’s a bit too bad…

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  1. Its a lot better than i thought judging from the concept.Its a much more conservative/angular design than one would expect from a jaguar which has been known for some very fluent designs. On the other hand though, bland cars havnt been selling too good lately (think GM). If this car is appropriately priced it will do very well.

  2. I can’t believe they get away with bulding a car that looks so much like an Aston Martin. I know they are both owned by Ford, but that almost makes it more inexcusable. That said, it is attractive, if not a little bland.

  3. Jesus! That car is ugly! sorry it just is, the current xk is perfection! i love the way its so imperfect, but its pretty and mmmmm. Maybe the new XK will mature like most jags…. The XK looked ugly when it was first launched… And btw it looks nothing like an aston in my opinion. It doesnt look like a jag, it almost looks eastern.. :-s

  4. Well MOST Jaguars start ugly and then they grow into sexy, mouthwatering machines. The current XK version is amazingly beautiful, although I didn’t care for the way it looked when first released. MY OPINION, I like the new XK version. YES it is a little Aston Martinish but I like it more than the concept..

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