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This might just be one of the models we are supposed to get in 2007.
It could be the one they describe as a competitor to the Audi A4, for $20 000.

Do I really need to post a photo of the Nissan Altima here?

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  1. thats a pretty souless design. its too bad that the chinese don’t really care to make well designed cars. Either they pay some western design firm to do it or they simply break intellectual property laws.

  2. I know. But did have a few interesting concepts last year.
    And they seem to have a much more modern taste than the Korean car makers.
    I think they’ll end up being really nice in a few years.

  3. Back in the late 1960s when Japanese cars started coming into the U.S., the cars were funny looking little things that didn’t seem like serious competitors to GM, Ford, and Chrysler cars.

    Well, we all know how that changed and China might follow a similar path.

    I certainly wouldn’t buy one of these new entries to the U.S. market, but Chinese cars might be quite common in a few years.

    Hyundai dug a hole for itself because the first (Excel) model was junk, but look at Hyundai now and the way it’s earning respectability with high quality cars.

    The best thing for Chinese car makers to do would be to take a lesson from Toyota and build reliable cars for the U.S. market from the start.

    If they’re good and favorably priced, people will buy them.

  4. It is a complete clone of an avensis! The badge detailing at the front is even similar and the lights are nigh on identical. Why copy the avensis though really the avensis shows no design flair at all, why not chose a car which is vaguely interesting!?

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