Another Chinese one!

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These guys are really pushing it!
Even the girl is dressed to appeal to weterners!
The car itself is using a BMW copy as a front end.

No idea what that Byd brand is about. But they do know how to “present” their new model…

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  1. I took a trip to China last August–7 nights on the Yangtze River and a day or 2 in Shanghai, Xian, and Beijing.

    The damn project there is amazing and their economy is growing and modernizing very rapidly. The hotels were first rate, too. The Chinese are VERY sharp!

    In a decade, there will be Chinese cars everywhere here–it’s almost a certainty IMO.

  2. You are right.
    In a few years, there will be Chinese everything.
    And their cars are already much more modern looking than most Korean cars today. Let alone what the Koreans were offering when they first started exporting…

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