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Besides Chery and Brilliance, I can’t tell who’s who in what seems to be an endless sea of Chinese car makers…

But this one looks really good. A much more modern and daring take on the Pontiac G6 theme.
And it also looks about production ready.
We’ll have to see in the next year or so, if all these concept designs from China actually turn into real cars.
Or if they’re just a bunch of teases…

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  1. Wow, that one looks awsome, and theres no real reason why it cant go into production without any big modificcations. Its too bad a company like GM gave up on making insipiring, cutting edge designs.

  2. GM is so insular–they just don’t know what’s happening to them. Other car makers create innovative designs and what does GM do? They offer us ugly Malibus, Cobalts, Ions, etc.

    Until senior managemet is swept out of that sleepy company their market share will continue to fall.

    Compared to Toyota, Honda, and almost everyone else, GM cars are crap. Now the Chinese will eat more of their lunch with better looking, and probably better driving cars.

  3. Um, is the image backwards or is that a deliberate backwards Lexus “L” on the grille? The Chinese are proving to be masters of copying others’ designs, so it begs to ask.

  4. The only other place I remember headlights like those are on the current gen Lexus ES330 – they too travel halfway up the hood.

  5. I am not sure what the company’s name is, but that IS their official logo!
    And it is just a reversed Lexus logo. It’s so gutsy that I find it very funny.

    Lot sof car makers will be in trouble once the Chinese actually export to the west.
    The 1st ones to be shaking should be the Koreans.
    Even with much better quality, they still mostly sell because of their lower prices. Who is actually proud of owning a Hyundai?
    Don’t get me wrong,great cars (I would buy one), but no “brand coolness”.
    It will be the same with the chinese cars. But they will be even cheaper, and will look great! And they might actually become “cool” much sooner than anyone thinks…
    They hired the best Italian designers from the start!

    I think they will change the automotive world like no one else did.
    Forget the 100% copies of other cars they make. Their original, and Italian designs are great.
    They will give access to dream like looking cars at everyday prices.

  6. Remember that the Japanese started out with funny little TOYOPETS (later Toyota) and look at them now.

    The first Hondas were motor cycles, then a funny little mini car. Honda isn’t funny now–maybe the best car available for the money–I recently bought a new Accord and it’s great.

    The Chinese will probably do likewise except sooner.

  7. Bertone and Pininfarina make crappy designs. I think that these chinese cars are pieces of crap. Want a nice car? Buy a German car, not these Crapmobiles

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