A Chery!

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That IS a picture of an actual Chery car from China.
Chery is the Chinese brand we are supposed to get in the US in a couple of years.

This one is powered by a 2.0 or a 2.4 Liter engine.
Not sure what it is based on. It seems that, so far, Chery has been pretty good at copying other brand.
Until they got sued by GM that is…

The US importer claims a sedan competing with the Audi A4 will be available for around $20 000!
And a coupe going after the Mercedes CLK (that’s right!) would go for $19 000!!!

These claims seem highly unrealistic. Unless the Chinese manufacturer is using some kind of alien technology so far unknown to the rest of the human race…

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  1. If you’re paying your employees slave labor wages, you can sell a car at any price and still turn a profit. How on earth can the US (or any country, for that matter) compete on those terms?

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